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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ready To Wear Lash Extension Review

I just wanted to talk for a spell about a new product I got the other night. It's called "Ready To Wear Lash Extension".

I first used this a few weeks back at my sister-in-laws and wanted it right away.

Home Shopping Network provides this description of the product:

"False eyelashes in a bottle! Enjoy the ease and convenience of Ready To Wear's Lash Extension. This beauty treatment in black delivers longer, fuller, thicker and healthier-looking lashes in seconds. You receive a .25 oz. bottle.
Ready To Wear Lash Extension Features:
  • Dry cellulose fibers give you the longest lashes possible without actually applying fake eyelashes.
  • Adds volume and helps strengthen lashes.
  • Simply apply in between coats of mascara.
  • Best used in combination with the Ready To Wear Mascara (sold separately).
Product Note: Ready To Wear Lash Extension is not a mascara. It is a formula of dry fibers that should never be applied to lashes alone. Lash Extension should always be applied by "sandwiching" the product between coats of mascara. The first coat of mascara gives the Lash Extension a coating to adhere to, while the second coat of mascara seals the Lash Extension to your lashes. 

Yearn for the look of long, full lashes but hate fussing with traditional fake eyelashes? Ready To Wear Lash Extension gives you false eyelashes in a bottle! Simply brush on some of these .25 oz. dry, black cellulose fibers between coats of your mascara. In mere seconds, your eyes will sport longer, fuller, thicker, healthier-looking lashes. 

Ready To Wear Lash Extension Features:

  • Fibers give you the appearance of the longest lashes possible without actually applying false eyelashes.
  • Easy to remove with your regular eye makeup remover.
  • Fast-acting beauty treatment.
  • Just apply in between coats of mascara.
  • Should a few fibers fall onto the skin, just brush away lightly with a powder brush or cotton swab. The fibers are not wet, so they will not stick or ruin your makeup.
  • For best results, this product should be used in combination with Ready To Wear Mascara, sold separately.
  • Made in USA.
Directions for Use:
  • Step 1: Start one eye at a time, applying mascara to top right eyelashes first.
  • Step 2: While mascara is still wet, apply Lash Extension.
  • Step 3: Follow with a second coat of mascara to seal Lash Extension to your lashes.
  • Step 4: Repeat process on bottom lashes of your right eye.
  • Step 5: Repeat this application process on your left eye.

Lash Extension contains: Cellulose Acetate, Panthenol."

-My eyelashes are very light (I naturally have blonde hair), and both differ in length. I feel like this product makes them both look more even (and my uneven eyelashes [reasons why would be a whole blog post in itself! haha] make me feel terribly self-conscious). I think the ad is very true in its promise to thicker looking lashes. I wouldn't go as far as to say it gives the "false lash" effect, but it does make a huge improvement. 

-I mention this in the cons, but there is some fall out with this. But what I really like is how it's not a big deal if it falls on your cheeks after applying it because it doesn't leave any sort of black streaks. So clean up is NOT a big deal at all. I've noticed though that if I apply it this with a light hand, there's not much fall out (if any).

-Clean up is super easy. I just use regular eye makeup remover, or whatever I'm cleaning my makeup off with, and it comes right off. I remember having a mini heart attack when I first used it because when I was cleaning off my mascara, I saw the little fibers and thought it was my eye lashes. Nope! It's only the small fibers :)

-There can be a bit of fall out with this. Although that's not a HUGE issue for me (since it is dry and can be easily wiped away without leaving any sort of streaks or marks), it's only a pain because I wear contacts and it can fall into my eye and get on them. If it gets on top of my contact, it leaves little black lines from the fibers. But if it gets under it, it can really irritate my eye (I noticed after I removed my contacts, little fibers rested at the bottom of my contact case). But like I said, applying with a light hand can help with fall out. 
-If too much product is put on, it can make the lashes look clumpy. 

I say that this product is really worth a try. For me, it is a bit pricey (twenty or so dollars, I don't remember exactly how much I paid for it), but for me, it was worth it. I think it's a great addition to any mascara routine. It's a simple and quick step to longer, thicker looking lashes.

No makeup

No makeup (side view)

Wearing only mascara

Wearing only mascara (side view)

Wearing Lash Extension

Wearing Lash Extension (side view)

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