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Monday, March 18, 2013

Wet n Wild CoverAll Cream Foundatiom

Whenever my foundation starts to  run low, I start getting antsy to try a new one. So while I was at CVS, I saw Wet n Wild had come out with a foundation and powder combo. I hadn't heard of it before, though with it being less then $10 for both items, I figured why not. The colour selection is very limited (only consisting of 7 foundation shades and 8 powder shades). I grabbed the foundation in 816 Fair/light and the powder in 822B Fair/Light.

The back of the bottle says this foundation is made for all day wear, provides medium to full coverage, is lightweight with a satin matte finish, and has "Visibright" complex that helps to reduce winkles.  The powder says pretty much the same thing (sans the coverage and finish part) and had a "radiant, weightless finish".

I've been using it daily for the past 2 weeks now, and I'm in LOVE with this foundation.

What I like...

I was a little iffy at first, seeing that it was a cream foundation and having flashbacks of wearing that thick mask on stage (if you've ever been in theater, you know what I'm about). I was surprised (and happy) that this foundation doesn't have that thickness that I've come to associate with cream foundations, and provides a semi-matte finish (a blessing for my oily and shiny face). Having normal/oily combination skin, keeping that oil under control is very important for me. While powers (and this ones powder is no different) always helps, but what I like most about this product is that it contains silica (which is used as an absorbing agent in makeup, along with other benefits).

This product, for me, is so buildable. I judge coverage of foundation by my freckles. If I can still see them pretty easily, I don't feel that I have full coverage. Sometimes I want that, and sometimes I really just want to cover up some redness in my face (and am not super concerned with "looking like a Barbie", as one young girl called me one day...). A quick, thin layer of this can cover up the redness, and then another layer can provide that wonderful, heavy coverage WITHOUT feeling heavy or looking cakey.

A problem I've always had with foundation is that, throughout the day, the oil in my face starts to break up the foundation on my nose and chin, making it look blotchy (and me feeling very self conscious). So far, I haven't had any sort of problem with that. And when they say all-day wear, they weren't kidding. I haven't any problems with it melting off during the day, separating, or wearing/rubbing off. Even after 8 hours, I notice it still looks fresh (and even after all day wear, I only have to brush a bit of powder over my t-zone to refresh it).

What I Don't Like...
I've noticed that this product, on my, oxidizes a bit. It's not enough to be a complete turn off though, because it only turns it a shade or two darker.

The powder is very soft and tends to get everywhere when I pull my brush away (though perhaps I am just too heavy-handed?).

The smell of it is not one that I terribly care for (though again, not enough of a factor to turn me away from it at all). It disappears rather quickly, though I can only think of acrylic paint when I put it on my face.

The packaging is something I'm having a love/hate relationship with. I love the squeeze tube, though the dispensing hole is quite large and if I'm not paying attention, I tend to squeeze out more then I need (fixable by just sucking it back into the tube though).

I'm confused by if the product has any sort of SPF in it (the website say it has SPF 15, though the tube says nothing about it at all).

So, taking out all that fluff, here is...

What I like:
- Doesn't feel too thick/heavy
-Contains silica
- Semi-matte finish
-Does not get cakey/separate/oily
- The price of it

What I don't:
-Soft powder
- Scent
- SPF???

Will I buy again?: Absolutely!

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