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Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Eyebrows

A topic that seems to come up often in conversations (concerning makeup) are my eyebrows, and I often get a lot of questions from people about it.

The main reason I shave my eyebrows is because I don't like the natural shape of them. My eyebrows grow very low, thick, and straight. People ask why don't I just wait for them to grow out and shape them? More hair grows on the bottom part of my eyebrow then on the top, so I can't achieve the shape I want as easily as I want. My hair is also naturally blonde, and I dye it black, and though you can really only tell up close, I just don't really like the lighter hairs against the dark brow powder and pencil. I don't have the patience to wait for the hair to grow, and I know there are some products that claim to help with eyebrow hair growth, but I don't want to spend the money on it. Plus, I don't like the pain of tweezing and I don't wanna get my eyebrows waxed. And I've tried threading and I can do it, but it's still uncomfortable.

Up keep?
Up keep is pretty simple. Every few days (depending on the growth), I take a small electric hair trimmer and run it across my brows to trim down the hair. Then, using my regular razor, I shave off the "tail" part of my eyebrows and then a bit from the front part. I leave a bit of hair near the start of my eyebrows just to use as a guide for where to start. I shaved off my entire eyebrow once, and I just noticed I had a bit more trouble drawing them on without some guide as to where to stop.

How do I draw in my eyebrows?
The way I personally prefer to draw on my eyebrows is to draw the basic shape (that I want that day) with a brown power (because the powder is so much more forgiving then the pencil),  then I take a black eyebrow pencil and continue to fill in the rest and make the shape much more defined. I then set the powder with either a darker brown or black shadow.

The products I'm using currently for my eyebrows is Too Faced: Brow Envy (Brunette eyebrow power) and NXY Auto Eyebrow Pencil (EP08 Black)

I don't plan on growing back my eyebrows out and keeping with my natural shape anytime soon. It can be a time consuming process to draw them on for me (because I have not so great eyesight and am not very good at getting things symmetrical). Though after doing it over and over again and developing a process, it gets much easier and takes up much less time. There are other drawbacks to doing this (for me, personally) I don't feel comfortable leaving my house without drawing in my eyebrows, so unless I've already drawn them in earlier in the day, I have to stop and pencil them in. Also, I can't really touch my eyebrow/forehead area much anymore, and if something happens when I'm out in public and if my eyebrows gets wiped off, then I'm kinda S.O.L. (the only makeup I really ever carry with me is lip gloss or my lipstick, if I wearing it that day. I don't carry around my brow pencil...which I should probably start doing! haha Basically, I don't really carry around much makeup in my bag :p). But despite how much of a pain it can be sometimes, I still prefer to do my eyebrows this way. Some days are bad and some days are good. When they're bad, I figure that they're not gettin' any better and I might as well just deal with them. But on days when they're good,'s gonna be a great day.

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