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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where have I been??

So I haven't really stopped doing makeup and whatnot. I actually lost my battery for my camera, and am not fully prepared to bring myself to spend about $150 to replace it, so I've been trying to find a new one. So I'm not dead, I promise. I've been having some people asking me if I still do makeup, and that's the only reason why I haven't been posting many pictures or posts on here, but hopefully that's going to change soon. I also have so much going on with college and whatnot (and while I was thinking of going to become an art history major, I'm thinking I might switch over to business and maybe open up something...? A makeup shop, perhaps? haha). But there's loads I wanna talk about and have learned a few new fun things recently, so hopefully I'll be back up and running soon! :)♥

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